Brazilian Blow Dry Hairdresser Poole

Brazilian Blow Dry Hairdresser Poole

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Brazilian Blow Dry hairdresser Poole

A Brazilian Blow Dry is a Keratin hair straightening treatment that is positively beneficial and good for the health of your hair.

How does a Brazilian Blow Dry work?

Keratin is a protein that's already present in your hair and the treatment actually replaces and replenishes the levels of your natural keratin. The application of a high heat to the keratin coated hair shafts essentially helps fuse the product’s hydrolyzed keratin with the natural hair keratin. This is the 'sealing' element of the Brazilian Blow Dry process.

Keratin is a basic protein found in the bodies of mammals; it is usually present in hair, wool, horns, and nails. Since the salon treatment is known for straightening, it is often assumed that keratin is related to straight hair, but this is incorrect. During keratin treatments, a solution is applied that infuses the hair with keratin, repairing damage and flaws within the hair. Keratin is responsible for increased shine and reduced frizz, but does not directly straighten the hair itself.

How is the treatment applied?

Our qualified Brazilian Blow Dry hairdresser will apply the keratin hair-straightening product to your hair. Your hair will then be dried and combed through ready for the next step of sealing in the keratin. This is carried out using conventional hair straighteners. The whole process takes about an hour and half depending on the thickness and length of your hair.


Wait for three or four days before washing your hair to allow the treatment to continue working.

Use sodium-sulfate-free shampoo that will help to maintain the Brazilian Blow Dry treatment. Your hairdresser will happily advise which products are suitable and also which products are available in the salon.

Advantages of a Brazilian Blow Dry

Besides the obvious results of shining, healthy, glossy and silken hair you will find that your blow dry time will be halved. Frizz will be a thing of the past and that sudden shower or misty weather will no longer pose a threat!

How long will it last?

The treatment will last about 2 to 2½ months and beneficial effects can still be apparent for up to 6 months. We look forward to seeing you return to our hairdressing salon in Poole for your follow on Brazilian Blow Dry treatments.

Brazilian Blow Dry Keratin treatment is one of the most spectacular treatments in the beauty industry